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"We've brought our puppy to both puppy manners and home manners, and the courses are really excellent. All of the trainers are good, and I really like the way they continually provide a good perspective on how your dog may be interpreting what you're doing. The home manners class is really run well to be able to cycle through a lot of families at different stages in their training. We now are looking forward to the community manners class!"

-Chip Zug, Salem, Cockapoo

Mark McCabe & Stephanie Klingenberg of Training Between the Ears, and Meagan Thomas of All Dogs Allowed

We Love Training Dogs

Sylvie Parbus started volunteering at shelters in South Carolina and North Carolina back in 1990. She witnessed first-hand the owners giving up their dogs where education could have salvaged the relationships. It was at that moment the seed was planted. Sylvie began taking classes and learning all about dog training and dog behavior. In 2001, after years of training, K9 Solutions came to fruition and has helped over 8,000 dog owners and rescues enjoy a calm dog who listens!

Mark's niche and passion is working with aggressive dogs. His extensive and diverse experience started by evaluating and training dogs at several shelters and rescue organizations. He was pet sitting dogs no one else wanted to handle while owners enjoyed time off, and thus his unlocked potential was born. 

Today, Mark and Sylvie are proud members of the canine community, making a difference every day in the lives of both owners and dogs. We're also super proud of the team we've built, each unique in what they bring to Topline K9 Solutions.

Why are we so successful in our industry?

  • We get to know you and what you expect from your dog.

  • We focus on treating your dog's every day behaviors with solutions that make sense to you and your lifestyle. 

  • We provide you with the tools and show you how to use them in a way your dog understands.

  • We teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog so you can achieve quicker results and enjoy a calm dog who listens.

What makes us unique in our industry?

We provide real-world solutions to every day dog behavior issues.

  • We use communication methods that make sense to your dog, saving you time, energy, and frustration.

  • We do not use shock/static collars, alpha rolling, or scruff shaking.

  • We have years of hands-on, real-life experience, not just online training.

  • We are certified in our field.

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