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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you use shock or static collars?

Absolutely not, and here is why. The use of a shock collar is not a good way to establish a relationship with your dog. Topline K9 Solutions is all about having you establish a strong relationship between you and your dog. When using a shock collar, there is no building a bond between you and your dog. If anything, it can establish a fear-based relationship that, depending on your dog’s age, breed, or behavior issue, can hinder your training goals to move forward in having a well-behaved dog.

What do you mean by Real Life Dog Training?

Well let's be honest here… You don't need us to teach you basic commands such as Sit, Down, etc. What dog owners want is a calm dog who listens. A dog calm enough to focus on the command given, as well as a dog who wants to listen to the command given. Our training focuses on you learning the tools needed for your dog to be well-mannered in your everyday life at home and in public, and how to apply these tools in your lifestyle.

Do you guarantee your work?

We are unable to ethically do so, and we would be kicked out of our dog association if we did. There are many factors that affect results including dogs' temperament, personalities, background as well as the owners themselves.

What we can guarantee is our years of excellent results based on client feedback, our high volume of client word mouth, and our amazing reviews. Quite frankly, if we weren't successful, it'd be time to find another career!

Are your trainers certified?

Not only are our trainers certified, Topline K9 Solutions runs its own dog Academy. No matter where our dog trainers are originally certified from, we put in months of additional training in both dog training and dog behavior. We also train for years when it comes to dog aggression and other high-level issues.

Do you offer discounts?

No. We have chosen to keep our prices the lowest possible while maintaining quality and our career so that all dog owners can benefit.

Do you do free evaluations?
We do for K9 Training School so we can want to meet the pups and match them to the right trainer for your goals/needs.
Otherwise we do not because we are on an as needed basis so owners don't pay for unnecessary lessons. Since most of our clients only need 1 session, it would not be conducive for us to do free evaluations.

We are happy to estimate by phone or email if 1 session will indeed suffice for your needs.

What collar/leash should I have for my dog?

In general, do not buy anything until your training starts so we can see if you are good to go as is or make recommendations. Please do not use retractable leashes though for safety reasons. The best leashes are 4-6 ft leashes which are easier on your hands and will last you forever. You can get them an any horse supply stores such as Southern State supplies.

Group Classes

I've trained my dog myself and would like to skip Home Manners

While we commend you for all the effort you have put on your own, we recommend enjoying the journey from the beginning so your dog will not get overwhelmed with all the new dog, people, and environment distractions. It is always best for build a solid foundation for growth.

If you feel strongly about skipping the foundation, here are the criteria needed for Introduction to Community Manners:

  • Sit/Stay for 1 minute while walkers and dogs walk by.

  • Down/Stay for 3 minutes while walkers and dogs walk by.

  • Not pulling excessively while on leash.

If your dog meets these criteria, please contact us for details on skipping the prerequisites.

What happens if the weather is questionable?

We will post at this link 2 hours prior to class if we are cancelling class.

Private Training

What area do you cover?

We are based in Raleigh NC and cover most of the surrounding areas.

How many private sessions will I need?

Most of our clients only need one session. Depending on your dog and the severity of the behavior issue, you may need a follow-up session. Or you might need to be in a different atmosphere to practice and finalize the behavior, such as a park around distractions. This is established on a individual basis at the first session between you and your trainer.

Is 1.5 hrs really going to be all that useful?

Yes indeed! And that's because we teach you how dogs process their universe so you can communicate effectively with your dog which saves time, without having to do it the old way with the use of weekly commands.

Most of our clients only need one session. 

K9 Training School

May I enroll my dog for just 2 weeks?

We need all 3 weeks to be most effective for you. Dogs turn the corner at around 2 weeks, so we need that third week to reinforce the dog training so it's easiest for you to maintain our work. Also, we do not use shock collars (nor static collars) so we cannot offer shortcuts to positive dog manners.

May I see my dog during that 3 weeks?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we encourage that. Any training you can do will help solidify our work. Let your trainer know and they will text you the locations and times.

Do I have to attend Group Classes?

No. These are available to you as additional support if needed; for instance, if your puppy is young and goes through several development stages in his first 2 years. We are happy to continue helping you in case any issues arise as your dog continues to age. You can come to any of the classes that are appropriate for the needs of your dog.

What is the difference between your K9 Training School and Continuing Education programs?

With K9 Training School, we do full-blown training including field trips.

With Continuing Education, we don't allow your dog to practice bad habits, we reinforce the training they already know, and we give you helpful feedback.

I am not sure if I need K9 Training School or if Continuing Education will meet my goals

We are happy to discuss this with you in more detail. We will guide you to the best program that fits your needs. Please Contact Us.

Continuing Education

May I reserve my spot and fill out the form later?

We are unable to guarantee reserving your spot without your form and getting you all set up on your trainer's calendar.

Do I need to bring a crate?

Most likely you do not; however, please check with your trainer to be sure.

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