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Our "Stay and Train"

Dog Training Program

We started our most popular training program, K9 Training School, in 2007 and the results we've achieved have been phenomenal. K9 Training School is our 3-week stay and train program where your dog stays with one of our trainers. We provide the home environment to teach them home manners and include field trips every 2-3 days for effective community manners. The greatest benefit of our K9 Training School is we save you the time and frustration that many people struggle with when attempting to train their own dog. It also allows us to really get to know your dog's behavior so we can coach you on how to follow-up most effectively.

Who cares whether your dog can “sit” or “stay” if they continue to misbehave. We teach your dog manners and help them to better adjust to your lifestyle. 

  • Your furbaby will integrate into our home for real-life results all day long. We do not crate them in a room/basement with a bunch of other dogs, to only come out a few times per day to work on commands. Your dog lives with us all day long!

  • Your dog will enjoy field trips every 2-3 days at varying locations to learn polite public manners as well as self-control that will transfer back to your home environment. Locations include parks, malls, classes, pet stores, and businesses. This has proven to be a huge factor in the successful training of your dog.

  • We do not use shock/static collars. Our tools are based on trust and respect.

  • We make sure that we transfer the material back to you. This program includes TWO private consults in YOUR home.

    • The first one occurs when we return your dog so we can coach you on the learned material. (There is no point in your dog listening to us anymore :), they need to listen to you ultimately.

    • The second one happens 1-2 weeks later to bring in any loopholes.

  • We pick up your dog in your home environment so we can best service your particular needs and lifestyle.

  • We will send you regular photos of your dog’s progress so you can see what they are learning!

  • You have access to our group classes for free so you can have continuous support.

  • You can reach out to us anytime for continuing support. We want you to be successful!

You get all this for only $2350 and end up with a well-mannered pooch!

Let us know if you have any questions or when you’d like to meet us in person. We also offer Private Training in your home and Group Classes.  We will be happy to help you determine which of our programs best services your needs.

For more information and to see us in action, check the videos below and our FAQs.

At K9 Training School we teach real-life, practical skills that matter! ​

K9 Training School
Dog Private Lessons
Dog Classe
Dog Training School

Topline K9 Solutions offers three paths to begin your K9 training journey and many of our clients enjoy a combination of them all. 

  • Group Classes teach your dog to focus and listen to you at home and in public despite all the surrounding distractions. Our classes are located in Raleigh NC.

  • Private Lessons in your home are beneficial for immediate results or behavior issues that cannot be handled in a classroom environment.

  • K9 Training School, where we train your dog for you in our own homes, will save you time and frustration (appropriate group classes are free with this service). We cover the Raleigh/Triangle NC and surrounding cities.

And we also offer our Continuing Education program to all our clients so your dog's training continues while you are out of town, renovating your home, having surgery, etc.

Lexi &Jack

"We were completely impressed and are absolutely thrilled with our boy's behavior since he came home.  And we are so glad to have Ryan keep him while we are away this coming weekend through next week.  

Thank you Topline and Ryan!!"

-Lyndsey Buchanan, Diesel

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