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Bella and Charlie

Clyde is a high energy, demanding pup, so happy to have found Topline K9. I've attended Puppy, Home Manners and looking forward to Community Manners. I've also used "Continuing Education" when I've gone out of town, what a great decision on my part.  All trainers are very knowledgeable, addressing specific issues you may encounter.

— Jeannie A

Positive Reinforcement and Effective Dog Communications

At Topline K9 Solutions, we are a huge proponent of positive reinforcement training backed with effective communication between you and your dog. We show you how to communicate in a language your dog understand so you can meet them halfway. This helps to achieve quicker results so you can enjoy a calm dog who listens.

We do not use dominance. Dominance is fear. Rather than asking a dog to behave out of fear of reprisal, positive reinforcement encourages the dog to behave because it is more rewarding and fun.



Leadership is based on trust and respect.

We start by training you how to use three fundamentals needed to achieve a well-mannered dog:

  • Communication in a way dogs understand, so they listen;

  • self control, so they can focus; and

  • real-life manners, so they behave.

Communications and Self-Control are the foundation for a strong relationship with your dog.

  • If your dog doesn’t listen to you, your training commands are useless.

  • If your dog is unable to focus, your training commands are useless.


By going with your dog's instincts, you are meeting your buddy halfway; saving yourself time, energy, and frustration.

We achieve this through:

  • proper body language;

  • facial expressions; 

  • timing; and

  • appropriate responses.


We do not use shock/static collars nor any other form of abusive techniques such as scruff shaking or alpha rolling. Pain is not necessary to train an enjoyable canine companion. We have had the unfortunate experience of fixing too many side issues that emanate from these methods.

We teach leadership.

Kacey, Coyote

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