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We've built a strong team of certified dog training and dog behavior professionals, who are dedicated and focused on teaching you how to lead and communicate with your dog. 


Sylvie Parbus

Founder, Dog Trainer 

& Behaviorist

Sylvie is a corporate burnout-turned professional dog trainer and behavior consultant. She has been training owners and dogs for over 25 years now, and started her full-time company in 2001! She mostly leads her team from the background to implement their amazing passion and energy in the canine community.

Sylvie’s career as a dog trainer took a professional turn while volunteering for the SPCA of Wake County. On seeing so many dogs given up, when simple solutions could have salvaged their relationship, she decided to take a step ahead of the shelters in an attempt to catch frustrated owners prior.

Sylvie was blessed to study with several of the Greater Raleigh Dog Training Club trainers long before dog academies were in existence and was professionally certified in 1999. She is grateful to all the mentors who have helped her to be the trainer and behaviorist she is today.

An avid community supporter, Sylvie started the volunteer companionship program at the SPCA of Wake County in 1992 and coordinated many facets of their volunteer force for several years. This included training volunteer adoption counselors to educate and serve customers in selecting their pet. She also formed and coordinated the volunteer lost/found program.

Sylvie is also the founder of Paws on the Prowl where she features dog-friendly businesses, restaurants, etc. so you can get a feel for the layout prior. 

"You are a wonderful instructor Sylvie and Maddie and I learned a great deal. I thank you so much for the class. You have a perfect demeanor and a sweet dog-loving manner…as well as a sense of humor! It was a truly a terrific way to begin. I hope Maddie and I can continue to Pet Therapy. We walked in the SPCA walk last Saturday. She did great and I had a lot of fun, too! Quite an experience! THANK YOU, SYLVIE!" -M.S. and Maddie, Group Class


Fun Facts About Sylvie:

  • She loves all breeds.

  • She is half French so she can teach dog commands in French, not German.

  • She is very bribable with chocolate.

Fun Facts About Mark:

  • Mark is a serious dude when he writes profiles (Sylvie wrote that).

  • One of his best moments with his Border Collie, Phoenix, was watching her herd sheep.

  • He combines his love of coffee and dogs with great socialization outings for canines.

Mark "Dog" Parbus

Founder, Dog Trainer

& Behaviorist

If you were to ask Dog Parbus ‘What do you do?,” he would tell you he changes the way his clients communicate with their dogs, even aggressive dogs.

How does he do this? He teaches his clients how to communicate with their dog in an instinctual and intuitive manner. He teaches his clients how their dog communicates. This is very different from conventional dog training in that conventional dog training teaches clients how to get their dogs to sit, down, or stay with treats. Dog Parbus teaches his clients how to communicate and reward without the need for incessant treats. In a way their dog understands.

Dog Parbus has been working with dogs since 1995. He was on the board of two rescue organizations and helped rehab dogs for adoption, worked with Sue Sternberg on dog evaluations, and had a number of very talented mentors over the years. Dog evaluated dogs for aggression for several rescue groups and a county shelter. He has attended seminars on aggression and animal handling as well as the American Red Cross Animal First Aid course. He is certified by Topline K9 Solutions.

"We needed some behavior modification help for our 2 dogs. Sylvie was immediately responsive to our inquiry and easy to work with. Mark came to our home to work with us and after just 1 visit our dogs responded immediately. We needed help with visitor management, fence patrol, trying to lead on the leash and barking. He gave us simple solutions that we have to work on to make our dogs compliant. This was incredibly useful!!" -R. Harris with Bailey and Brody, Private Training

Lisa Rosendahl

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Lisa has been an animal lover her whole life. She moved to North Carolina 10 years ago while working in the corporate world, and has volunteered at rescue organizations for years before joining the ranks of corporate burnouts to become a professional dog trainer. She started out volunteering with Sylvie’s team at K9 Solutions while earning her certification through Animal Behavior College and K9 Solutions Academy, until she became a full-time trainer. Lisa was eventually promoted to Training Manager of K9 Solutions. Besides keeping up with administrative work, Lisa also leads all group classes and oversees our group class training quality.

"Again, we are grateful for your time and experience. You do have an intuitive ability to communicate and relate with dogs, and people. Thank you!" -M.B., Private Training


Fun Facts About Lisa:

  • She makes jewelry in her spare time.

  • She finds it relaxing to work outside.

  • She thinks Moose are cute.

  • She loves all breeds.

Muffin & Emma

Fun Facts About Ulli:

  • She founded the Johnson County Animal Protection League, a nonprofit geared toward humane education, supporting local shelters, and the reduction of pet overpopulation.​​​

  • She is an environment freak.

  • She has an entire pack of wonderful, well-mannered dogs.

Ulli Mattern

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

A counselor by day and a dog trainer by night, Ulli’s passion is to help her community be the best that it can be.


Ulli has been active with Topline K9 Solutions since almost its beginnings in 2001. She teaches Home Manners, Community Manners, the How to Have a Well-Mannered Dog Seminar, as well as test for the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. She is also responsible for the Foster Education Program where Topline K9 Solutions trains foster homes to be even better dog handlers. Ulli is professionally certified by K9 Solutions.

"Great! This class has been awesome. Love how everything we learned from Ulli is applicable to behavior and not just “tricks.” Will be back for K9 Solutions’ Community Manners."
-H.P., Remington, Labradoodle pup, Home Manners Group Class

"Wylie listens so much better! He stopped barking at other dogs because of this class interactions."
-D. Upchurch, Wylie, Home Manners Group Class

Ryan Walker

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Ryan grew up on a farm at the foot of the mountains in North Carolina. His family had various livestock and animals, and thus Ryan grew up training duck hunting dogs as well as Australian Shepherds to bring the herd in.

Ryan moved to Raleigh to attend NC State University to pursue aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. After several failed attempts at chemistry, he found himself working in a pet store. He knew that he wanted to work with animals to make a difference. So he went on to work at an animal shelter. He worked as a kennel attendant until he was promoted to Animal Control Officer. He has been employed by two different animal control agencies and has built another 8 years of experience in many types of pet behaviors, primarily dogs.

Through the years, Ryan has fostered numerous animals for medical, behavioral, social, and cruelty cases. Many times, it was just giving the animals a place to feel safe and relax. As a result of his work, he has experience with a multitude of behaviors as well as experience with giving daily medications.

Ryan was lucky enough to be introduced to Sylvie’s team at K9 Solutions from a fellow trainer where he received his professional certification and taught Home Manners and Community Manners classes. Now at Topline K9 Solutions, Ryan a trainer for our Continuing Education and K9 Training School programs.

"I arrived to class worn out with a doggie who wants to eat other dogs. Ryan came to my rescue. He became my right-hand man as I was trying to handle my dog (whom I love dearly, but definitely needs Community Manners). And Ryan very gently guided me on things I should do and not do with my dog. Thank you Ryan!"
-Linda Tuday, Shelby, Community Manners


Fun Facts about Ryan:

  • Ryan is happily married to his wife Abby.

  • They have two sons, Jonah (6 years) and Phillip ( 4 years).

  • They also have two dogs, Moulgi (shelter mutt special), Patty (puppy mill Shih Tzu), and an orange tabby cat named Curtis who thinks he is a dog.

  • Ryan loves helping achieve the “Ah ah!” moment for both dogs and owners. He strives to help improve, and even restore, the bond between man and man’s best friend.


Fun Facts About Rae:

  • Has never met a dog she didn’t like

  • Enjoys riding her Harley Davidson Fat Bob motorcycle

  • Enjoys crocheting and decorative painting

Rae McCorkle

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Rae has always loved dogs, but it wasn’t until she adopted her lab mix, Forrest G., from the Wake County Animal Center and attended training classes at K9 Solutions (with Ulli as her instructor) that she realized ‘dog obedience and training’ were her true passion. After working in corporate America for a number of years and growing increasingly tired of all the stress, it was time to make a move. So she signed up and completed her dog obedience instructor certification through Animal Behavior College. Completing her externship with K9 Solutions allowed her to become familiar with their philosophy around positive training techniques and focus on leadership.

Rae currently fosters for Peak Lab Rescue and volunteers at the Wake County SPCA. She and Forrest are a therapy team and enjoy meeting new people and bringing ‘doggy joy’ to their lives. In her previous job, Rae started ‘PAWS – Pet Away Work Stress’ and would bring Forrest to work to help reduce/eliminate stress in the workplace.

Rae recently added Major, a labrador adopted from Peak Rescue to her household, and is enjoying her journey with the boy.

"Before the class, I was overwhelmed. I sometimes dreaded to go home or take him on a walk. Now every single walk is a good one. I love my dog and enjoy spending time with him."

-K.A., Group Classes

Joel Alexander

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

According to his parents, Joel has loved dogs since before he can remember himself. He received his B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from N.C. State, but after a few years working in RTP, decided it was time for a change. He took a job at a local kennel and found his way to doggie daycare, where he worked for 4 years learning everything the dogs could teach him. Joel is an expert on pack interactions and behavior, and has successfully helped many dogs with their dog issues through his daycare program.

Joel received his professional certification from Topline K9 Solutions and now does Private Training, Continuing Education, K9 Training School, and runs the Rowdy Rover Group Class for leash-reactive dogs. He loves helping dogs and owners better understand each other, as well as figuring out what gives each pup the most joy. 

“My 4 month old English Golden Retriever went to K9 Training School after exhibiting some dominance issues with me. The results were far beyond expectations. The team (Sylvie, Joel, & Ryan) were exceptional in their support and expertise. It was obvious how much they cared for me and my puppy. They worked to make sure that Juno's skills were transferred to me and I felt more confident in working with him. By the end of KTS, I had a different dog and a different relationship with him. I love that my dog lived with Joel and not in a kennel. He received ongoing, in vivo training in the home and in public. He was treated as part of the family. But it does not end there, as a KTS graduate you continue to get the support of the classes to ensure that the skills transfer and you have continued support. I have used KTS, group classes, and private lessons. I recommend all the services available by Topline K9 Solutions. The trainers love what they do and know their subject. I am so pleased with the results. Thank you Topline Team!”

–Debra Eng, Juno, K9 Training School


Fun Facts About Joel:

- When it comes to college sports, Joel cheers for Duke and N.C. State, but not as much as he cheers against the NCAA.

- Joel was born in Oakland, CA, and roots for the Raiders, but will cease to do so when the team relocates to Las Vegas.

- Joel loves spending time with his 4-year-old Boston/Corgi mix, Locutus, especially chasing his drag lure."


Fun Facts About Kristen:

  • Kristen also works at a vet hospital full time.

  • No kids, but busy with 7 dogs, chickens, cows, pig, goats, and a cat.

  • She married her high school sweetheart Trevor.

  • Kristen enjoys hunting with her dogs and fishing.

Kristen Gordon

Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Kristen fell in love with dog training when she got her very first furry buddy at 14 yrs old. She trained him for manners and a variety of fun tricks.

After graduating Animal Behavior College, Kristen joined the Topline K9 Solutions team as a group class trainer and is studying private training as well. She also trains English Coonhounds for Conformation and Coon Hunting, and is avidly practicing agility.

Kristen enjoys dog training because she likes to see the resulting bond between humans and their pooches.

“Clyde is a high energy, demanding pup, so happy to have found Topline K9. I've attended Puppy, Home Manners and looking forward to Community Manners,. I've also used continuing dog training when I've gone out of town, what a great decision on my part. All trainers are very knowledgeable, addressing specific issues you may encounter.”
-Jeannie A & Clyde


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