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An Animal Rescue in Need of Rescue

Running a rescue is a lot of work but the payoff is priceless. Just ask Brittany Thadani, founder of All Breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas and Abarc Acres, a local retreat for animals in need.

Brittany was a veterinary technician for several years, but after having numerous debilitating back and shoulder surgeries, she was forced to give up her job. She felt stuck until she got involved with rescue.

“Rescue saved me,” Thadani explained “because I could no longer do what I loved to do, I felt useless. And then I found rescue.”

In 2009, Brittany opened All Breed Animal Rescue and has been growing ever since. In the beginning, most of the work she did was out of her home. Pairing dogs with foster families and forever homes, saving dogs in need and helping however she could. Still, she knew she could be doing more and in 2015, everything changed. Brittany lost a dear friend of hers, Kelly Ingino, to lung cancer. She had been Kelly’s caretaker for the last months of her life; helping out with the farm and around the house. Little did Brittany know, but Kelly had big plans for All Breed and donated her farm and 5.25 acres to the rescue when she passed away. This was a godsend as it provided a place All Breed could call home, however a farm takes a lot of work and money to keep up and that is where you can help.

Abarc Acres

When rescuing animals in need, you run into many different situations that require a variety of solutions. Some pets simply need a new home, while others may need a surgical procedure to repair damage done while living in unfavorable conditions. Some pets need to learn to be around people, while others may need a lot more than just physical and emotional rehab. At Abarc Acres, there is room for everyone.

Abarc Acres offers several programs and services to help pets in need.


One of the best ways to serve pets in need is to offer your home to them. All Breed Animal Rescue is always looking for foster homes. Dogs do best when raised in a home environment. There they learn the ins and outs of being a productive part of a family. When you work with ABARC, they provide everything you need to make the foster experience a positive one, including: food, monthly prevention, medical care, grooming and supplies. All they need from you are homes to show dogs the ropes and love them unconditionally.


ABARC prides themselves on being very picky when placing animals. They are picky for good reason. Most of their dogs have already been in several different living situations and they don't want them to be bounced from home to home. This helps to ensure a low return rate (less than 3%). To adopt you first need to submit and application on their website. The application process starts by calling veterinary, personal references and landlord, if applicable. Once that passes the next step is to set up a meet and greet. To complete the process they do a home visit to make sure this is going to be the ideal fit for both the human and more importantly, the dog. They have a mandatory 2 week trial for all of adult dogs to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.


Britany was a Vet Tech before ABARC, so she is drawn to those special medical cases and senior dogs. ABARC has several seniors in the program they take care of which include 2 blind seniors and several senior dogs that will most likely be there for the rest of their lives as forever fosters, some of which are in need of surgery:

  • Seniors need dental cleaning 1-2 times a year, daily medications and medical care on a regular basis.

  • A senior breeding group of 5 (fondly referred to as The Sister Wives). We know that at least two of them will be here for life.

  • Clairie, a 13 year old Shih tzu, was treated horribly and may need her leg amputated. She also has age related cataracts making her nearly blind. There is surgery to restore her vision, just not enough donors to make it happen.


There are all different types of rehab they offer. For some, it is rehab from surgery or a medical condition. For others it could be rehabilitation to help an animal that is not socialized. They may have additional fears or needs to address which require a lot of one on one time to become a valued family member.

Senior/Handicap Care

ABARC’s seniors are a special bunch that require daily medications, nice soft beds, extra love and a lot of free passes as they can't always ”hold it”. These dogs will remain at ABARC Acres and enjoy the perks of farm life while living out their final days.

In order for All Breed Animal Rescue to continue doing the great things they’re doing, they need our help. Here’s how you can get involved:

Pumps for Pets: A Win-Win Fundraiser to Support Pets in Need

Pumps for Pets is a shoe drive to raise 2500 pairs of shoes. These shoes are then traded in for cash which will go to support ABARC and all their initiatives. There are over half a dozen local drop-off sites:

Shoe donations should be gently used with no scuffs, tears or rips. Soles should be in good condition. These shoes will be resold by entrepreneurs in third world countries, so they need to look good. Please band and bag each pair.

Please join our Facebook group and share our posts to get others involved. If you would like to help by starting your own mini-drive or providing another drop-off site, please contact us at gooddogs@toplinek9solutions.com.


When it comes to running a nonprofit, it is imperative you have a strong group of volunteers. Over the next few weeks, you will hear more about their volunteer program and how to get involved. Their current volunteer needs include:

  • Animal husbandry

  • Yard and lawn maintenance

  • Building renovations and maintenance

  • Administrative tasks like filling out thank-you cards, making phone calls and helping out with operations

  • Fundraising

  • Food and supply procurement

  • And much more…

A nonprofit is like any other business, however they rely on volunteers to help provide all the same services a for profit business would, so if you have a particular skill that could be put to use, let them know.


ABARC rescues pets from high kill shelters and at-risk situations and places them in foster care until a permanent adopter is found. While in foster care, the foster family is provided with super premium quality food, support and guidance. All expenses for the foster pet are covered by ABARC (vet care, vaccines, training classes, grooming, monthly prevention). You supply the love and nurturing until a forever family is found.


Considering a new dog? ABARC is currently looking to home 12 dogs. If you would like to meet one of the dogs or puppies please begin by filling out the ADOPTION APPLICATION. Every dog receives a complete physical, immunizations, sterilization, heartworm test, microchip, treatment for any illnesses or diseases, and monthly flea, tick, and heartworm preventative.

For adult dogs the fee is $250. For puppies the adoption fee is $300. For dogs deemed to be seniors, for their particular breed, the adoption fee is $225.

Brand Ambassadors

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to raise awareness of a specific cause. When people hear the work an organization is doing or hear it being talked about enthusiastically, it encourages them to become involved. People want to know what the “buzz” is all about. As a brand ambassador, you’re job would be to share the ABARC mission with others through word-of-mouth, social media, and personal interactions. Brand ambassadors are also key in fundraising and helping to get others involved and donating.


Finally, donating money is perhaps the best way to help any nonprofit. ABARC has many financial needs that include everything from paying the bills to buying food and supplies for fosters and animals at Abarc Acres. To donate, click here.

Donations can come in other forms, as well, such as “In-Kind Donations”. A pet store could donate food, toys and other supplies. A vet could donate their services at a special event or on an ongoing basis. A landscaper could donate their time to come in and help with lawn maintenance. Local vendors could donate products and services to be used at an auction. You get the idea, so if you have a product or service that you feel may be of service to ABARC, let them know.

All Breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas and Abarc Acres plan to be around for a long time and will continue helping animals in need. Help ensure they have everything they need and share this post with people you know who may want to help. There are a lot of animals out there that need our help, if you can’t do it yourself, support those who can and donate today!

All Breed Animal Rescue of The Carolinas is a 501c3 non-profit organization of dedicated friends committed to saving & rehoming neglected, unwanted, stray or abused animals. They serve both North and South Carolina, as well as neighboring states. In fact, they’ve even rehomed dogs as far out as Canada. To learn more about their programs, become a foster family or adopt a dog, visit them at www.allbreedanimalrescue.com or email Brittany at allbreedanimalrescue@gmail.com.


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