• Sylvie Parbus

How to Survive Hot Days with your Energetic Dog!

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Summer is here and it's hot! But that doesn't stop a good Dog Mom or Dad from spending quality time with their canine buddy though. Especially when that dog is nothing but a bundle of energy. Here are some suggestions to help you survive your dog's antics on hot days.

On Their Own Indoors

Dog toys for summer fun!

1. Trade in the dinner dog bowls for mental stimulation toys such as the Kong Wobbler, Squirrel Dude, Kibble Nibble, Tug-a-jug, Buster Cube, Atomic Treat Ball, or Barnacle. Or throw kibble in the yard (during the coolest time of the day) and allow your dog to “hunt” for them (for single dogs only so you don’t end up with sibling arguments!).

2. Put treats into mental stimulation toys such as Nina Ottoson and Outward Hound Kibble Drop puzzles.

Interactive with you Around the House

  1. Play fetch up and down your stairs to tire your dog out.

  2. Practice/reinforce your dog’s training commands for some great mental stimulation; i.e., Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Come, Off, Wait. You can make it harder by incorporating longer times, greater distances, and higher-level distractions. You can use stairs and hallways for greater distances, and squeaky toys or kids hopping by for distractions.

  3. Teach tricks for mental stimulation. Here are some suggestions .

  4. Play nose games such as hiding treats or balls. Here are some great ideas .

  5. Play hide and seek with the family. One family member hides and calls the dog, while the other family member hides. Give the dog a treat, yell “done!” and then the other member calls the dogs while the family member hides in another location. And so on. Great for listening and reinforcing the Come command. You can also incorporate a Sit when they get to you.

  6. Make frozen Kongs or pupsicles! Here is a basic recipe for pupsicles. And try our favorite recipe for stuffing a kong:

Squish bananas.

Mix mostly kibble so we don't end up with a fat dog!

Add yummy treats such as liver treats, cheese, deli meat, etc.


Freeze. If your dog loves these, fix several at a time and keep them on hand frozen. You can put them in the dishwasher too!

Fun in the Yard

  1. Get a kiddie pool for your dog to play in. You can also toss balls or hot dog pieces for him to go after.

  2. Set up a sprinkler and play fetch through it.


  1. Visit an air-conditioned pet store or dog-friendly store such as a Lowes, Home Depot, Quail Ridge Bookstore, or Dog-Eared Books. Be sure to practice great dog manners so we can continue to have those privileges. Make a list of the above suggestions to take to your favorite pet store and load up! You can also get chewies to occupy your dog such as bully sticks and knuckle bones. Here are some of the awesome pet store we are so lucky to have locally:

2. Have a beer (or wine/kombucha) at a local brewery that allows dogs indoors. A few we know of are Raleigh Brewing Company, Barley Labs, Southern Peak Brewery, Black Dog Bottle, and Brice's Brewing Company What other indoor breweries or wineries have you taken your dog to?

3. Go to a dog-friendly beach! Great excuse for some time off. Be mindful of the heat at the beach though.

4. Go camping to the cooler mountains. You can see some great dog-friendly places at Paws on the Prowl.

Your Turn

What other ideas have you successfully implemented with your energetic dog on hot day?

Sylvie Parbus

Certified dog trainer and dog behaviorist


Dog Training for Real Life!

Bonus: Here is your Summertime Fun Shopping List

  • Chewies such as bully sticks or knuckle bones

  • Kong

  • Kong Wobbler

  • Squirrel dude

  • Kibble nibble

  • Tug-a-jug

  • Buster cube

  • Atomic treat ball

  • Barnacle

  • Nina Ottoson

  • Outward Hound Kibble Drop puzzles


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