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K9 Training Tip: Reinforcing your Dogs Good Manners

Updated: May 30, 2018

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While socializing your pup to different settings, take the opportunity to reinforce manners.

Here Golden Juno is practicing a Down/Stay at Quail Ridge Books in North Hills.

The steps to getting your dog reliable are:

1. Teach Down at home with no distractions.

2. Once your pup understands the word Down, make it harder by taking steps away from your dog until you can reach the end of the room.

3. Once you can walk to the end of the room, add distractions; i.e., clapping, waving toys, walking around them, running around them, having the kids run around them ;), walking out for a few seconds then minutes, etc.

4. Practice in your driveway.

5. Practice once during each daily walk, up to 1 minute, using as few treats as possible.

6. Add distractions during walks; i.e., as people are walking by, by squirrels, by dog-attractive objects such as plants, by kids playing, etc. Distance is your friend initially. As your dog gets more reliable, shorten the distance.

7. Practice during your social outings.

Go at your dog’s pace.

If your dog has a difficult time, end with something he can do such as Sit and go back to the previous step the next time.

A few minutes per day is all you need. Just be consistent daily is the important part. So plan on practicing after washing dishes for instance.

Have fun!! You can see that Juno thinks this is pretty cool :).






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