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K9 Training Tip: The Useful Wait Command

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Dog Training Tip! The Wait Command.

Would you love to have your dog stay out of the kitchen while you cook, out of the dining room while you eat, out of the garage while you get a tool, out of the guest room, out of the bathroom? Not have them lunge out of doors or cars unsafely? That would be the Wait command!

In this video, I told Jaxson the Irishdoodle to wait and he chose to sit which is fine, just can’t come into the kitchen. You will also see how I corrected him when he did get up.

How to Tell your dog to Wait

Initially take one step back at a time so you can gently put your dog back, using your legs, not hands, until he understands that he is not to step forward. Work your way to the other end of a room.

Repeat 3 times for 3 times per day. They catch on to this one fast! Once your pup is waiting politely while you walk to the end of the room, start turning your back on them.

Once they are good on that step, start getting a glass of water, making the bed, etc. until they can wait longer for meal preps, dinners, etc.

You will love this very useful command!


1. Wait means not another paw forward. It is NOT a stay command. Your dog can walk back into the car, house, room, just not forward.

2. They can sit or lay down, but don’t tell them so or that is a stay command. With stay, your dog stays in position until you release them.

3. Do not praise your dog until you are walking back past them or they will be excited at your praise and move forward into the room.

Have fun with mini sessions!

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