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Product Review: Chasing our Tails Smoked Marrow Bone

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Our “Pittie” Ziggy goes through bones quicker than a cat let loose at Westminster, so when I shop for a chew toy I need something that will last long and keep him busy, but is also all natural and not filled with a bunch of preservatives or chemicals. The antlers and horns are great, but Ziggy tires of them quickly and sometimes they smell funny, especially the hooves. Recently, I was at Unleashed in the Animall and they turned me onto the Chasing our Tails product line.

Chasing Our Tails produces premium, natural, quality products with NO fillers, meat meals, animal by-products, or anything artificial. Their products are made in the USA. They are both gluten and grain-free, so perfect for pets with allergies.

The Review Process

Since this is our first newsletter I wanted to take a minute to explain how I go about reviewing products and services, and why you should care what I think. I am not a pet professional. I have lived with dogs and cats my whole life. Over the years, I have used hundreds of products and services to keep them entertained, active, and happy. I have done a great deal of research to ensure the products and services I use are safe and functional; however, I have learned the product labels don’t always tell the full story and occasionally you get something not as safe or fun as advertised. The reviews I offer are based on my personal experience and the research I’ve done to ensure they are worthy.

My pet family includes two dogs and two cats: Ziggy the Pitbull, Prince Pupup the Pomapoo, Bella the tabby, and Cheetoh the orange tabby. Each pet has their own unique needs, so when I shop for them I look at 5 things:

  • Safety: When it starts to break down, will it hurt my dogs in any way? What is it made of? What are its insides made of?

  • Durability: How long will it last? Does it smell after awhile?

  • Likeability: Will my dogs even enjoy it?

  • Affordability: Cost vs. longevity (how long will this one last?) The more expensive a product is, the longer I expect it to last.

  • Playability: Is this something I will use while playing with my dogs, like a tug toy, or is it something I will provide for them to ensure they are entertained on their own.

We got the Chasing our Tails Smoked Marrow Bone on June 10 and this review takes place over a two-week period. Ziggy is our product tester. He is a 4-year old, 45-pound American Pit Bull Terrier. He spent an average of two hours a day chewing on the bone over a two-week period. He hid it after 8 days and pulled it back out on the 10th day (not sure why) and is still entertained daily.

Bella tried stealing the Smokey Marrow Bone, it must be good!

How was my experience?

First of all, I want to say thank you to the folks at Unleashed. I can be quite picky when it comes to my dogs, and the manager, Nicole Dahlem, took her time to listen to my specific needs and explain their products. I needed something for Ziggy to chew on that was durable, long lasting, and good (health and safety wise) to the last chew. Nicole recommended The Smoked Marrow Bone by Chasing our Tails.


One of my biggest complaints in regards to any bone is that it splinters and then you have a bunch of pointy sharp objects that can hurt both dogs and people (Ever step on one? OUCH!). Chasing our Tails uses a special process to smoke their bones long enough to kill the bacteria, but still ensure the durability of the bone. I have not seen any splinters, nor jagged edges yet.

These bones have NO fillers, meat meals, animal by-products, or anything artificial. The don’t use any formaldehyde, mold inhibitors, or preservatives when preparing them. They are also both gluten and grain-free, so perfect for pets with allergies.


This is one hard bone. Ziggy worked on it daily for over 2 weeks and I’ve not seen a splinter or jagged edge yet. In fact, there is still marrow in the center. It is roughly 6 inches long so the marrow in the very center is hard to reach, which is not a bad thing until he loses interest. I imagine I may have to cut the bone in half next week so he can get to the rest.

These bones also smell yummy, even after a few days. Bella the Tabby wouldn’t leave it alone.


Ziggy loves his bone and takes it everywhere he goes. There is still marrow in the center which is pretty surprising since it’s been around for over 2 weeks.


This bone cost $16.99. It is still Ziggy’s favorite chew toy and keeps him entertained for several hours a day. We’ve had the bone for 15 days and I imagine he will have it for another two weeks before losing interest and wanting something else. That means he will be happy for a month for roughly .56 cents a day.


We use some chews to play fetch with in the house. This is not one of them. This is a chew toy only.

Would I use it again?

Absolutely! Any pitbull owner will tell you that one of their greatest challenges is finding ANY toy or chew that will last longer than a couple of days. Ziggy has several toys, tugs, and chews he likes to play with every day. The Smoky Marrow Bone is one of them. When he’s enjoying his bone, he’s quiet and happy which means I am happy.


You can find this product at Unleashed stores around the Triangle for $16.99, which is a great deal considering their durability. The only drawback I have about this particular product is the inability for Ziggy to reach the center. This is not really a complaint though, as it still keeps Ziggy entertained. I think it’s more of a Ziggy issue then a bone issue, perhaps he’s just not skilled enough to get to the middle. I may end up cutting it in half to allow him access to the center, but not today.

Patrick Cox is our social media, website and marketing guy and has been with us for the last 15 months. He, his wife and his daughter live in Clayton with their 2 dogs and 2 cats. Patrick loves working with the pet industry and enjoys helping those in need as much as possible.

Unleashed is a privately & locally owned and operated company with locations in Raleigh, Cary, and Wilmington, NC, striving to provide "the best a dog can get," at reasonable prices! We really want every dog to be as happy and healthy as ours.


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