• Sylvie Parbus

The Secret to Taking Your Dog to Work

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

We all love the idea of taking our dog to work! Picture yourself working away while your trusty friend chills out besides you. People coming by and taking joy in petting your canine buddy. Taking healthy walk breaks. Impressing the boss with your well-trained dog!

This is entirely possible. As a dog trainer, I find nothing better myself than to have one of my dogs with me while working with clients. However, many dog owners run into challenges when they decide to take their canine buddies to their

places of employment without preparation. Even if your dog is well mannered at home, you can't assume that their manners will transfer to a new setting with all sorts of different distractions, smells, and sounds.

Is Your Dog Ready?

  • Take into consideration the age of your dog. An older dog will adjust better than a puppy or teenager.

  • Be sure that your dog is friendly to people, kids, and other dogs.

Prepare your Dog

  • Practice your basic commands for at least one week prior. You can do them on the fly such as Sit to go in and out of doors, Sit for dinner, Sit to fetch, Sit to put the leash/collar on, and also alternate with Down.

  • If you can, drop into the office with your dog a few times for just a few minutes at a time so he can get the lay of the land.

  • While you are relaxing, watching TV, cooking, eating, etc., have your dog practice chilling out in their bed. After all, you will need to get work done!

  • Practice walking your dog besides you without pulling so he can walk through tight hallways/staircases politely. Some folks do not like dogs. Stay polite and work places will stay dog friendly.

The Big Day

  • Take some food, toys, chewies, and a bed to your workplace. These will keep your dog occupied while you are working. Bring a leash that you can attach to your chair so that they don’t sneak out to visit your coworkers.

  • Put your dog bed away from any entrances. Behind your chair is ideal as will make your dog feel protected and is easier for you to run interference as needed.

  • If you have an outdoor job, be sure to bring plenty of water and that the weather is appropriate.

In conclusion, the key is preparation and not rushing so you can have lasting result.

What work environment will YOU be taking your dog to on Take Your Dog to Work Day?!


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