Train them while they're puppies!


Puppy Class

(4 mos or younger with proper vaccinations. For younger pups, consider a Private Session to get going on the right paw!)


Taught by Suzanne Kalafian, ABCDT, CC

Suzanne comes from a wellness background and uses a combination of skills and thoughts to not only teach your puppy proper manners, but also in a way that will condition, stretch, and take an overall idea of physical well being for both people and their puppies.  She uses exercise equipment to play socialization games, music and movements to help puppies become confident. Suzanne takes the human body seriously and will help you move with your puppies to avoid injury.

Our Puppy class is based on unique experiences, movement, wellness, and communication. During this innovative puppy class, you and your puppy will learn to work together, stay healthy and have fun.

We will cover the basic movements of sit, down, stay, come, and walking together. You will also learn how to use hand movements for leave it, touch, and look. These movements are taught in an exceptional way exclusive to Suzanne’s class.  

Only $75, for a total of 3 consecutive weeks!

Your puppy needs a fecal and two parvo/distemper shots from your veterinarian.


Location: Raleigh Community Animal Hospital

 Classes are starting on Thursday, Jan 30, 6:30 pm (No class on Feb 13)

We also offer Private Training and K9 Training School, our 'Stay and Train' program that saves you time and frustration.  We will be happy to help you determine which of our programs best services your needs.


For more information, Check out our FAQs or Contact Us.

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Topline K9 Solutions Home Manners
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Topline K9 Solutions offers three paths to begin your K9 training journey and many of our clients enjoy a combination of them all. 

  • Group Classes teach your dog to focus and listen to you at home and in public despite all the surrounding distractions. Our classes are located in Raleigh NC.

  • Private Lessons in your home are beneficial for immediate results or behavior issues that cannot be handled in a classroom environment.

  • K9 Training School, where we train your dog for you in our own homes, will save you time and frustration (appropriate group classes are free with this service). We cover the Raleigh/Triangle NC and surrounding cities.

  • Seminars and Workshops to hone in on specific skills.

And we also offer our Continuing Education program to all our clients so your dog's training continues while you are out of town, renovating your home, having surgery, etc.

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