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Much closer and I appreciate her more. In addition, she is more responsive to me at home.

-William Scanlon, Macie, Group Classes


Rio, my 3ish-year old blue and white 'hippo pitty' spent the weekend with Joel. She had a ball!!! She went on field trips with Joel to explore downtown, had 'pitty parties' with some of Joel's friends, and slept in late with Joel and his dog Cutie on a cold Sunday morning. Joel was working with her the whole time, whether she realized it or not. Even before I left when I dropped her off, we walked together to help make Rio and Cutie feel comfortable with each other.

Joel sent me pictures and short videos, so I never worried at all about her! She probably would have stayed on with Joel and been happy as a lark, but I missed her and wanted her back 😉.

She had a fun, busy weekend and was out for the night by 8:30 the night I picked her up!!! I have never been so comfortable leaving her with anyone! I plan to let her stay at 'Casa de Joel's' again soon!​

-Vonda Hart, Rio, Continuing Education

Colette and I were very impressed with Mark and Joel!  Molly’s training session went very well last night and we learned many valuable lessons for Molly. The time spent with Mark and Joel last night was much more informative and valuable than a series of 6 lessons we attended with a previous trainer. We were given some excellent instructions on handling Molly when company arrives and walking her with other dogs. It was fantastic that Mark brought his dog along last night so she could walk with Molly. It was great having another dog in the house and learning how to introduce a 2nd dog.

Today, Molly has been really good staying off the furniture , although she’s been testing us quite a bit. We’re having company tonight, so we will work on her manners when the doorbell rings.

Thanks for all of your help in such a short time!

-Jeff Crane, Molly, Private Training

Very informative classes that have helped me build a positive relationship with my dog. I am so glad we participated!
-Savannah Arwen, Group Classes, Seminar

I would like to recommend Topline K9 Solutions to anyone seeking quality training for their dog. I was fortunate enough to find Sylvie & Topline K9 Solutions 15 years after my dog, Sundance, graduated from Sylvie’s Canine Good Citizen class.

We have attended a group class with Ulli, and Sam is a graduate of the K9 Training School, primarily with Dawn and Rae as his trainers, but with additional training with Sylvie and others as well. Sam is friendly with people, but he doesn’t love everyone; however, he clearly adores Dawn and Ulli, and the rest of the group at Topline K-9 Solutions.

We adopted Sam from a rescue. He is a large yellow lab who had lived most of his life on his own, and had become accustomed to fending for himself and making his own decisions – many of them bad decisions and firmly ingrained. Unfortunately, this resulted in a lot of awful habits.

To add to this, he has double hip dysplasia (he is not currently a good candidate for replacement). He has additional orthopedic problems from what appear to be multiple motor vehicle accidents that occurred while he was roaming free. All of this rendered him unable to sit or down on command without pain.

Anyone who has ever trained a dog knows how important the sit and down commands are to training, but Sam couldn’t sit or down without pain, so he was more of a challenge to train. All of the trainers we have worked with at Topline K9 Solutions have worked with him and us around Sam’s disabilities.

Sam has thrived on the training and individual attention he received. At K9 Training School, his overall manners and training were reinforced, and he received additional training on the issues that concerned us. For example, Sam would go into the self-defense mode and become extremely aggressive with dogs unknown to him. Despite his disabilities, he is scary strong and, perhaps because of the disabilities, he compensated with aggression toward other dogs. He now has good manners when we pass or meet dogs on the trail. Also, Sam was generally good on a leash, but when he decided he needed to go potty, he would muster ungodly strength and drag us through the briars. No more! Additionally, Sam was an escape artist and would dive through any open door and take off, and now he politely waits until he is given the okay to exit or enter.

When we travel, we enlist Topline K9 Solutions to provide Continuing Education, which the trainers provide in their own homes. It is the best alternative to boarding that there is!! They keep him for the days we are gone and fine-tune his training, manners, and socialization. They will even pick him up and drop him off. This has worked out incredibly well for us. Not only do they provide care in a loving and safe environment, they continue to reinforce his training and socialization, and they don’t introduce bad behaviors that well-meaning but uneducated caregivers might.

-Carrie Bentley, Sam, Classes, K9 Training School, Continuing Education

Thank you again for everything!  Mark was amazing and our house has been so peaceful ever since training.
-S. Pai, Jax, Private Training

Before the class, I was overwhelmed. I sometimes dreaded to go home or take him on a walk. Now every single walk is a good one. I love my dog and enjoy spending time with him.
K.A., Home Manners Group Class

I can recommend you from experience. With all of my pack issues, you guys have saved our lives, and our mental state!!
-Jeremi Clark, Private Training

I am so thrilled with K9 solutions. I am happy to say that my dogs are enjoying each other’s company, loving their new relaxed life, and have become more at ease.  The knowledge and expertise of the K9 Solutions team is unparalleled.  Every time I take a class, I know my dogs benefit from it and so do I! Thank you K9 Solutions for making the transition to our new life together a smooth one.
-L. McGregor, Blue, Home Manners Group Class

Stirling has come a long ways with his focus! Thank you Lisa!
-Adam, Stirling, Home Manners Group Class


I was very impressed with Mark’s knowledge and ability to understand and implement the appropriate techniques to improve the behaviors of both dogs…especially Kahlua. When the session was over, I could see a difference in my dog’s behavior and felt like I was enabled with the tools to continue to improve on the skills I had learned. I would recommend Mark and Ryan to anyone.
Thank you,

-L. McNutt, Kahlua, Private Training


I especially appreciated being able to include my mom in classes. She really enjoyed it and having her watch some of the training has made training easier at home. I am much more confident about having a puppy as a result of this class!
-A. Porterfield, Home Manners Group Class


We rescued a dog back in November and though he is perfect with my boyfriend and I, he's not so perfect with my boyfriends son who is 7 and special needs. Topline K9 took Benny in for the 3 week training and taught him a lot, as well as showed us how to work on correcting the little issues that Benny may have at home. Though he still has some work to do, he has gotten better with my boyfriends son and we even catch him playing with him. They were well worth the money spent to make Benny an even better part of the family. Thanks Topline K9!!!!

-Tamara, Benny, K9 Training School


Prior to signing up Coltrane went nuts at the doorbell, tended to jump on guests when they entered the house, and would bolt into the woods if a door was left cracked.  In addition our kids could barely walk him, and we had to avoid other dogs and pray he did not see a deer or cat for fear he would yank a leash out of hour hands.  We can now leave doors open, the climb command is a god send when the doorbell rings, and walking him is now a lot of fun.  The family training we did with the dog a few times while he was boarding with you, and then the sessions at home have been very useful.  With the base you established with Coltrane "training the family" was quicker than I expected. We now refer to our dog as Coltrane 2.0.  The new upgraded and improved version.

-Dyson and family, Coltrane, K9 Training School


Definitely helped our three incorrigible pups . My three dogs (two pit mixes and one retriever) did five days each of the Doggie Day Training, and I was really happy with the results. All of my dogs are a little older (6, 7, 11), but Topline K9 was able to either teach them new skills or help them remember forgotten ones (like walking nicely on a leash). One dog has some aggressive tendencies, and we had tried other aggressive dog classes without much success. TKO worked with us to help control the dog in a way that other trainers had just not been able to do. Also, as a bonus, they take pictures of your dog during his/her training and post them on Facebook so you can keep tabs on them and show your disbelieving family how clever your dog is.

-Alexa, Odin, Shadow, & Trixie, K9 Training School

The money spent to help with training for Charlie was very well spent. The girls at Topline K9 really care about the dogs and their families and take the time to get to know the wants and needs of each one. I loved having Charlie's progress shared with me frequently as well as lots of pictures so I could see him. I would recommend Topline K9 to anyone needing training for their pet.

-Jennifer, Charlie, K9 Training School

Thank you to Topline K9 Solutions,  I wish we had not waited so long to seek professional training assistance  with our two dogs. However, the good news is that we have been able to  modify our three-year old Bichon-poo’s and two year old English Bulldog’s  bad manners. If we have received training when they were younger,  everything would have been easier.   We have had other dogs over the past 30 years and felt that we were great  pet parents. However, all dog personalities and intellects are different.  Also, as we have become empty nesters, our tolerance and responsibilities  have decreased. Behaviors that would not have been acceptable when our  lives were more hectic, now do not bother me as much.


When we brought  both puppies home at three and five pounds, we thought they could do no wrong. We were so thrilled with how adorable they were, and little thought  was given to behavioral training.    As they both grew and became bored from lack of training, they became  more mischievous. We still embraced their antics and even photographed  their bad behavior to share. We thought they were hilarious when we  caught them doing bad things. They were the equivalent of horrible  children whose parents think they are so cute until one day they are  embarrassed.      

Then one day in April 2017, one dog was almost two years old and the  other dog was not even one year old, I fell down our stairs breaking my  leg. During the 3 months of my immobility, both dogs seemed to forget  about house training. All training prior to this point seemed to evaporate.  The English Bulldog became more protective of her home and very fearful  of strangers. She is our son’s dog and had spent the first year of her life  living with male college students. When our son started a new job in  Washington, she came to stay with us. It became embarrassing to walk  them in our neighborhood because the bulldog pulled, lunged and barked  at every person and dog that we encountered. They were so bonded to  each other, one dog’s bad behavior encouraged the other dog to do the  same. They would not come back if they got off their leash, instead  heading straight into the woods. They did not respond to basic  commands. We tried the common training approach of utilizing treats as  an incentive, but one dog became suspicious of food offered and the other dog would only respond to a command if she was going to get food. This  was not helpful if the dog runs away unexpectedly. I was recovering from  my surgery and was no longer entertained by their antics. We realized that  major changes had to occur. Our previous dogs had lived to be 13 and 16  years old. We knew that living with these two dogs with their current  behavior for 13 years was not acceptable.


Finally, in May 2018 after starting the anxious dog on medication, my  veterinarian recommended Topline K9 Solutions as they had a successful  history training anxious dogs. I researched all the reviews on the internet  and found not a single negative review.


The first day that Mark “Dog”  Parbus came to our home to assess and work with both dogs, was  shocking. I felt like the dog whisperer had come to visit the dogs. He had  them sitting and following commands within thirty minutes. He provided us  with very clear, pertinent information about how dogs communicate. He  explained that our reactions when the dog was anxious were reinforcing  her behavior and giving her the response she desired. We tried to  implement his instructions but quickly learned that our girls did not respect  us or our home. Mark described the dogs as being like 14 and 21-year-old  females that did not like discipline and rules. They both thought that they  were the queens of the castle. It was apparent that we needed to  re-establish the line of command. 


We decided to send them both to K9 Training School for 3 weeks to  jumpstart our training process. It was a very difficult decision to commit to  trusting someone else with our girls for so long. When we met Sylvie  Parbus and Joel Alexander for the first time to assess the dogs’  willingness to train, we felt reassured. Their commitment to only using  verbal and non-verbal communication without any electronic devices was  emphasized. Each time we received photographs and reports about the  progress they had made, we were so excited. We knew that the dogs were  smart, understood the rules, and were capable of following the  expectations. We also realized that we were a major part of the problems. I  had been reluctant to allow the anxious dog to play with other dogs and  was overjoyed to see the photographs of her playing off leash with other  dogs. Our expectations for the dogs had not been clear and we frequently  gave in to the dogs’ choices.    

Once the dogs returned home, just like typical teenagers they tried to test  their boundaries. They were sure that the new rules didn't apply at our  house.  After several weeks of having the dogs at home, we needed to go  out of town. Instead of boarding the dogs at the kennel, I took them back  to Joel for the Continuing Education Program, so their manners would be  reinforced while I was away. I was waiting to see how the dogs would  react to being taken back after several weeks. I wondered if they would  resist staying. As soon as both dogs saw Joel, they began to wag their  tails and try to lick him. I knew without a doubt that their training  experience had been positive because they were excited to return.


Another supportive action has been meeting the trainers in social settings  to practice the new manners. They have given us courage to try taking the  dogs to various new settings. The dogs love going on an adventure. When  we are out, they work extremely hard to follow the rules. When we return  home, they are very satisfied and exhausted. We can see that thinking  dogs are happy and tired after work.  It has been one and a half months  since the dogs came home. We feel that we have made major progress from where our pack had been. Just like people, the dogs still have areas  of growth and challenges to conquer. Both dogs are very proud when they  receive praise and demonstrate their skills. They love knowing that they  are the good dogs!


The biggest challenge has been to modify our 30 years  of permissive pet owner behaviors, thinking and communication styles  with the dogs. I still find myself forgetting what I am supposed to do  because old habits die hard.  I would highly recommend new dog owners to start out with the proper  skill set and not delay as we did. I also recommend a reset of training for  older dogs, dogs with behavioral problems, anxiety, and households that  have been disrupted due to health or other factors.     We are very glad that we decided to trust K9 Solutions with our dogs. Our  family and the dogs are happier, more controlled, and cohesive. We look  forward to continuing our relationship and experiences with the staff at K9  Solutions. 

Thank you, 

Debbie and Barry Goodwin 

August 14, 2018 




Macy Before

K9 Training School!

Macy and Dixie Before K9 Training School!

Dixie Before

K9 Training School!

Macy and Dixie After K9 Training School!



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